Patch Index

    1.   Rogue Spear Patch 2.05

    2.   Rogue Spear Patch 2.07 Anti Cheat

    3.   Armpatch Converter

    4.   Gallaleo's R/S Stats Recorder

    5.   Urban Operations Patch 2.52



  1. Patch 2.05 for Rogue Spear

This is the standard upgrade patch from Redstorm Entertainment. It fixes several bugs with in the game and is needed if you plan to play multi player games on MSN Zone or You do not need this patch if you already have Rogue Spear: Urban Operations. This Patch comes with the add on game.

  2. Rogue Spear Game Patch 2.07 Anti Cheat

This is a great patch for all you online players, who are sick and tired of all the cheaters. This Patch Will only allow players with the patch installed to join your games. CHEATERS STAY OUT. YOUR NOT WANTED HERE!!!!!!!

   3. Armpatch Converter

This is the best .bmp picture converter that I have found. It is simple to use for an level of experience. All you need is the picture that you want to convert to a .RSB file. But be sure that the picture is a 33X33 pixel bmp, or it will not work. 

  4. Gallaleo's R/S Stats Recorder

Want to keep up with your clan members abilities and strengths. This is a great place to start. It has it all. It will keep track of every player you have played with each and every night. It Tracks the kills. hit %, Games played, # of times killed , average kills per game, rounds fired and taken. What more could you ask for. You may be able to find updated versions of the recorder at Gallaleo's Website.

 5. Urban Operations Patch 2.52

This patch is from Redstorm entertainment and it fixes some minor bugs with in the game. You cane check out the bugs that are fixed at there website.