TACTICS 02/06/01



Well fellow GCK members I have created a new tactic for sniping in csl.

I have named it double trouble. its where you have two snipers in one window. One sniper is crouched and shoots and the other sniper is standing and sniping at the same side of the same window. I have tested this out last night and it works with a little practice, But you have to be careful not to shoot your partner in the head. Last night I shot rouge in the skull once trying this tactic. After we got use to it we did pretty well. one of our opponents said it was harder then hell he thought it was warp he couldn't pick out the to heads. he said he'd aim low and the guy would be high. So pick a good sniping buddy that you'd trust and practice this believe me it works.

TOPGUN'S gun of the week is .357 cal desert eagle this weapon shoots fast and packs a punch for punching threw medium armor. one bad thing that it has only 9 rounds. So make each shot count.