New members read over please



There are many things to learn from your generals. We are here to help you all. We all specialize in different areas in which we have a strength in. And sadly we have areas where we are weak in. As a member of GCK you now have to practice in the areas in where you are weakest in. And we ask you to teach lower ranked members of our clan. I think if we all pitch in and are willing to listen to one another and willing to teach one another our clan will be unstoppable.


I have already given you tactics on bullets, frags, assault weapons, csl, sib1, and a little bit on sniping.

Here's a little more info on weapons that are good.

1. There is the m16-a2 this is one of longest range guns that is currently available. It has been used in the Korean war, Vietnam, and any minor conflicts up to today. Its the mostly known for its long range it can shoot farther and more accurately than any other riffle. The only disadvantage to this weapon is its only capable of three round and one round burst. If your taking the role of a sniper. But there's a chance you may have to assault. This is a good choice. Rather than a typical sniper rifle.

2. When extreme accuracy and fire power are needed in a combat situation. You should try out the hk G3A3. Its right next to a sniper riffle in accuracy, but its superior because it has a fully auto trigger grouping or you could use the one round burst. When cover fire is needed in csl to protect the assaulters you should really consider this weapon for that job it is fast firing. It has a awesome 7.62 mm round its can easily pierce threw level III armor. There's only one down fall to this weapon its sight takes a while to come together after its been fired. One more down fall is because of the large rounds it can only hold a 20 round clip. So bring lots of clips.


3.The last weapon to learn about today is the ump 45, ump 45sd.

This is a gun for the soldier who needs fire power and a fully auto machine gun. It carries a killer 45 cal. round capable of stopping any dumb ass enemy that stands in the way of you and your mission. The ump carries 25 round clips, but the gun has three round burst, fully auto and one shot burst settings. When you need a little bit quieter weapon you should use the ump45 with the silencer.


TOPGUN'S Tip of the week..................................................

When assaulting in boards, I love to use the HK mp5sd5.  Its extremely quite. If you shoot at the enemy and you miss,  8 out of 10 times he will not know cause its that quite. And when I assault in boards I listen for gun fire.  So I can follow it and back up my fellow combat soldiers of GCK. When you use this quite weapon you kill the enemies best friend and he only here's his screams on there radio and doesn't know where you are. This weapon is great at surprise attack and its great for not giving away your position. Giving away your position is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make in the game. Never shoot at any enemy till you know he is alone. If a small group of tangos come around the corner and you shoot at the first one. His buddies will know right where you are. And guess what happens next. YOUR DEAD!




 Patton once said we will cut out there guts and use there guts to greese our tank treads.